Skate Park Changes

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The much anticipated skate park planned in Bowling Green was a big topic at Tuesday night’s city commission meeting. And, a vote was made to accept a construction bid for the skate park. Even though it was less than commissioners and local skaters had hoped for, the city commission voted unanimously to approve a bid for $779,000 to construct the Roland Bland Skate park. The city commission accepted the bid from Scott and Murphy Construction which was originally $135,000 above the city's skate park budget.

Since the three bids for the project were substantially higher than anticipated the city decided to cut two skate bowls (or courses) from the original plan.

One local skater says even though he is disappointed with the cut, this is still an exciting time for the city of Bowling Green.

He says the only concern he has about cutting two bowls is safety.

"One of the biggest problems I've seen in skate parks and I've been in skate parks in about 12 different countries, one of the biggest problems I've seen is not having sufficient slated areas for beginners and intermediate."

The project is scheduled to take 90 days to complete. Commissioner Slim Nash says we don't need young skaters skating in dangerous or inappropriate places around the city, and according to Nash this skate park will help solve that problem.