Former Funeral Director Pleads Guilty

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A former Logan County funeral director pleads guilty to stealing money families spent on pre-paid funerals.

Tim Hanna is the former owner and operator of Memorial Funeral Home in Russellville.

Yesterday in Logan Circuit Court, he pleaded guilty to a total of 117 counts of class "c" and class "d" felonies.

Hanna was accused of taking individual's pre-paid funeral funds and failing to turn them into the funeral funding trust of Kentucky.

Forty to fifty victims’ families were in court for yesterday's plea.

Commonwealth attorney Charles Orange says restitution is still being determined but Hanna will likely be asked to re-pay close to 350 thousand dollars.

Final sentencing is set for September 1st.

Orange will recommend Hanna spend thirty years in jail.

Meanwhile, Hanna is facing more theft charges.

Yesterday, he was arraigned on 15 counts of stealing money from Habitat For Humanity.

The theft allegedly occurred during Hanna’s time as treasure between 2002 and 2003.

Orange says that case is still being investigated.