Woman Reacts To Funeral Home Director's Guilty Plea

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Tim Hanna of Russellville was arrested and charged in February of this year. Tuesday he was in Logan County Circuit Court where he admitted guilt to a total of 117 counts of Class C and Class D felonies.
Forty to fifty victim's families were in court for the plea.

Sheila Kees family was one of them. She says she still can't believe a man her whole family trusted could rob them of their money.

Kees says: "He had my daddy, he had my grandparents. He's had my uncle. It was a fantastic funeral home. He does a good job. You couldn't ask for nothing better."

But Kees opinion of Tim Hanna changed greatly after her husband died in March of 2004. She's one of more than 50 people who were in court Tuesday when he pleaded guilty to stealing thousands of dollars from pre-paid funeral funds and failing to turn them into the funeral funding trust of Kentucky.

Kees says: "I wanted him to look at me. But he didn't look at nobody. He didn't show no remorse for what he did or anything."

The mailbox with the name Memorial Funeral Home on it is the only thing left with the name of the business Hanna operated out of the building behind me. It was auctioned off with other businesses he owned. Kees gave Hanna $3000 of her money for a trust fund. She says she doesn't care how he spent it she just wants to see him pay restitution on it.

Kees says: "Which people say how's he going to do that when he's in prison? Well he should've thought about that when he was out spending everyone's money."

Commonwealth Attorney, Charles Orange, says restitution is still being determined but Hanna will likely be asked to re-pay close to $350,000.
Final sentencing is set for September 1st. Orange will recommend Hanna spend thirty years in jail.

But Kees and her family are still left trying to find out why he did it.

Kees says: "I would just ask him why did you do it? What was the reason? I mean money is good, but is it that important that you would have to do something like that?"

Hanna is also facing more theft charges. Tuesday he was arraigned on 15 counts of stealing money from Habitat for Humanity. Charles Orange says the theft occurred during Hanna's time as treasure between 2002 and 2003. Orange says that case is still being investigated.