Bowling Green Hostage Situation

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The Sheriff's department was attempting to serve a felony warrant last night on 27-year-old Matthew Griffin for failing to pay child support in Barren County.

This wasn't the first time Matthew Griffin has been in trouble with the law.

He had a recent charge in July for 4th degree assault and was wanted in Barren County on a charge of flagrant nonsupport.

In August of 2003 he had a harassment charge that was dismissed, and a few months later in November, he pled guilty to theft by unlawful taking over three-hundred dollars.

Griffin also had a charge of aggravated assault 4th degree of a spouse in January of 2001.

On Wednesday evening, the Warren County Sheriff's department attempted to served a felony warrant on Griffin, but his wife Tiffany told the police he wasn't home.

Kentucky State Police say Griffin was hiding in the attic.

"Mr. Griffin was in the residence but was hiding. During a search of the residence, he came out on the roof,” says Kentucky State Police Trooper Todd Holder.

Another deputy was outside and could see Griffin attempting to break out onto the roof.

The deputy then climbed onto the roof to stop him. It didn't take long for Griffin, who is a power lifter who competes in strongman competitions, to break through.

Kentucky State Police say that once outside on the roof, Griffin got in a scuffle with the deputy, ripped the gun from the deputy's holster, and then held him hostage.

"Anytime an officer is disarmed and someone has taken his weapon, i can't think of any scarier thing,” says Holder.

It was at this point police say Griffin fired at officers coming to assist the deputy who was held hostage for nearly three hours. Trooper Holder says during this time the deputy was doing his best to handle the situation.

"He started talking about his family, things they might have in common, and he made Mr. Griffin realize we're not just a uniform, that we're human beings too and have a job to do,” says Holder.

Griffin released the deputy around 2 a.m. and an hour later finally surrendered to officers. He is now lodged in the Warren County Jail.

"It could've been a very tragic scene on law enforcements part and Mr. Griffin's family and himself, so everything did work out in the long run. That's what we always try to accomplish,” says Holder.

Griffin is lodged in the Warren County Jail on charges of kidnapping 1st degree and attempted murder of a police officer.

His bond is set at $1 million.

There is a preliminary hearing for Griffin next Tuesday at one o'clock.

According to the landlord of the residence, Griffin and his wife weren't even supposed to be there.

After Griffin and his wife moved in a month ago he says they didn't pay rent or a deposit on the apartment and were told to leave.

As for the deputy held hostage Kentucky State Police could not release that information until their investigation is over, but WBKO has learned from another source that the deputy was Tony Chism.

We'll bring you more information on this story as it becomes available.