Officials Seek Answers From Transpark Critics

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Warren County Judge Executive Mike Buchanon urges the members and financial supporters behind the Transpark opposition to stop hiding behind a quote "cloak of darkness."

Buchanon and Bowling Green Mayor Elaine Walker are challenging members of Karst Environmental Education Program, or KEEP, and the Warren County Citizens For Managed Growth, or WCCMG, to reveal how they are being funded.

The meeting was spawned by accusations that Transpark officials were withholding information about their activities. Mayor Walker says that's not true that all the meetings are open to the public and are open to public records requests.

Buchanon charged that the opponents claim to be environmentalists, but they are really just against progress.

Jim Duffer is the chairman of the WCCMG. He tells WBKO that he isn't against the Transpark. He says he is fighting the element behind the Transpark. Duffer goes on to say that it is a bunch of rich people trying to push things into other people's backyard because they want it in their own.

Transpark opponents have filed 12 lawsuits against it. The Federal District Court and the Kentucky Supreme Court have found the allegations to be without merit.

The Intermodal Transportation Authority estimates close to one million dollars of public funds have been used to defend the Transpark.

Walker and Buchanon say the public has a right to know who is helping the opponents with the lawsuits and costing the taxpayers money.

Buchanon says they estimate 3,800 jobs have been lost at the Transpark as a result of the ongoing litigation. He says many prospective businesses opt to not come to the Transpark, thus causing the citizens of Warren County to lose out on close to $100 million annually.

Friday morning at nine Jim Duffer will hold a counter news conference on the steps of the Warren County Courthouse.

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