Kentucky Joins National Campaign to Protect Kids Online

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Debbie Roddy says: "You can't filter out everything. And the more you try, the more people come up with ways to get around it."

As the technology coordinator for Warren East Middle School Debbie Roddy is constantly supervising students when they are on the Internet.

She says while they are not allowed to access Web sites like at school many of the students have accounts with them. As an educator she warns them of the possible dangers that go with them.

Roddy says: "The people we're trying to be aware of the people we are trying to warn the students, it's the same situation if a stranger approaches you and wants to talk to you, or wants you to get in their car, these people who are online or reading your website, they are strangers."

That's why the Kentucky Finance and Administration Cabinet's Commonwealth Office of Technology has joined forces with other public and private organizations to support the National Cyber Security Alliance's national awareness campaign to "Help Keep Kids Connected and Protected."

Roddy says: "I think it's absolutely marvelous all of these organizations that are banding together."

A guide designed to help parents and educators with the campaign is available at

Key highlights from the guide include social networking and safe online practices geared toward teens, as well as security and safety tips for parents and educators.