Warren County Area Technology Center

A new technical school that serves Bowling Green, Warren County, and Edmonson County school districts is now open.

The Warren County Area Technology Center is part of the Kentucky Tech System, which has over 50 schools across the state.

Don Evans, the principal, says: "Right now we have auto technology, we have welding, construction technology, information technology, which is a computer repair program and then health sciences."

The Warren County Area Technology Center just opened this school year and is working to prepare its students for life after high school.

Evans says: "They have some type of technical training that they can take out and go to work."

Evans says the classes that are offered will help prepare students for college. He says: "Another benefit to this would be the seamless transition they could make from our school on into the post-secondary and into KCTCS, which is located across the yard."

Besides being right next to KCTCS, it's also located in the Kentucky Transpark with an industry right down the street.

Evans says: "We're the only one in the state so far that's located in an actual industrial park."

Principal Evans says he also wants the school to offer evening classes for the community or local industries to help with their training.

For more information about the Kentucky Tech System you can log onto http://kytech.ky.gov/index.htm.