Violent Crimes on the Rise

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This morning's shooting death on Morgantown Road is the fifth murder in Bowling Green this year.

In 2005 the city had only three murders all year. With a hostage situation Wednesday night in Bowling Green, an armed robbery in Cave City followed by a police pursuit into Bowling Green, and this morning's shooting death it's no surprise that statistics show violent crimes are on the rise.

Bowling Green Police Public Information Officer, Barry Pruitt says violent crime is any crime committed against someone.

"When we talk about violent crime. We're talking about those ones the FBI defines as crimes against persons. Like murder, rape, robbery and serious assault.

Although statistics do show violent crime occurs more often in larger cities, with the increase in population in Bowling Green and Warren County comes an increase in crime rates.

Detective Sergeant, Tommy Smith with the Kentucky State Police says drugs are involved in most all violent crimes that occur in the post 3 area.

"Of course drugs are a part of every crime we investigate, they seem to be responsible for upwards of 80 percent I would say."

According to Pruitt, a lot of programs city's had available to them in the early and mid nineties are not available now because of a lack of funding.

"We've kinda gone from hometown security to homeland security, that's where our resources and funding and things like that have gone."

Officer Pruitt says although violent crime is up in Bowling Green, overall the crime rate is lower, largely because of the new "gas drive-off law" in the city limits.