Black Friday In Bowling Green

The crowds seemed energized early this morning for the start of Black Friday.

And shoppers came prepared with special items in mind.

"A camcorder and a wet-dry vac."

"We came basically just so we could get a cart this year and the hats, and gloves, and scarves and everything. Just good gifts for lots of people."

"A laptop. I run a photographing business, and it's time to upgrade my laptop."

Jose Garcia added he also plans to buy Guitar Hero Three, and he knew he had a good chance to get everything since he had waited at Best Buy since Wednesday afternoon at five.

"I can get anything I want. I can get anything I want and not have to worry about whether I'm going to get it or not."

Garcia says being first in line can be good and bad.

"The first night's boring because you don't have much company."

But he loves the good reasons to camp out early at stores.

"I'm out here of course for the savings, but also you meet new people and hopefully you might see them again next year."

This year will not be the last time Garcia plans ahead for Black Friday.

"I mean I probably might do it a couple more times. Every year I'm going to try to push it back a few more hours, so I can keep holding the record. I've been first for the past two years."

Those who are first in line on the morning of Black Friday say they aren't worried about being trampled by those in the back.

"No, they won't be able to keep up."

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