Hostage Case Goes to Court

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Matthew Griffin remained quiet throughout his preliminary hearing on kidnapping and attempted murder charges, after a three hour stand-off last week.

Kentucky State Police Detective Greg Dukes was the only one to take the stand Tuesday and recounted the night of the incident.

Dukes said in his testimony that Griffin tried to flee his home after officers from the Sheriff's Department tried to serve him a warrant stemming from a flagrant non-support case in Barren County.

Griffin kicked in a vent in his attic and punched through two-by-fours and climbed through the roof.

Dukes says he was met up on the roof by Captain Tony Chism, who's gun Griffin stole and shot three times at both the front and back of the house.

He then put the gun to Chism's head and held him hostage for about three hours.

"At this point in time, the charges that were filed by the state police were in reference to Griffin kidnapping Captain Chism during the standoff and also the attempted murder of Officer Robert Hanson of the Bowling Green Police Department who was struck by Mr. Griffin's gunshot," said Chris Cohron, warren county commonwealth attorney.

Cohron says Griffin could end up facing more charges when he is officially indicted.

"I will meet with Detective Dukes in the next 30 days. At that point in time we'll review the whole incident and map out all other charges pertaining to the event."

Cohron says he expects an indictment to be handed down in the 45 days.

Griffin is currently housed in the Warren County Jail under a one million dollar cash bond.