Whitley County Abduction

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According to police, a Knox County woman says she was kidnapped at knifepoint and assaulted. Having happened on Friday, Aug. 4, the woman reports waking up the next day in her car miles away from where the abduction took place.

Police won't say where the woman claims she was kidnapped, only to say that it happened on 18th Street. There is no indication by the police that the woman is lying about any of the ordeal.

The man reportedly approached the woman, asked her for directions, got in the car, pointed his firearm at her, and then told her to drive.

The pair drove to a point between Woodbine and Rockholds in Whitley County, where the police say the woman was physically assaulted. The woman does not recall much after this point.

Captain Tim Helton of the Corbin Police Department says he is lead to believe she was unconscious at some point throughout the night and possibly knocked out during part of the ordeal. On Saturday the woman told police she woke up along I-75 near Tennessee. Police there soon after activated their Major Crimes Task Force, and are now looking for the suspect.