"Strollerfit" Gives Moms a New Exercise Opportunity

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New moms often find themselves in a quandary. They want to start exercising and lose weight, but they don't want to leave their babies.

Well, there's a relatively new option here in Bowling Green, and no nursery or baby sitters are needed.

Moms and babies use "Strollerfit" as an opportunity to socialize while they exercise. Working out is anything but dull. And baby is only arm's length away.

Three times a week, you'll find these moms running, lunging and crunching their way to better bodies. "Strollerfit" moms have a captive audience because there's no where else their children would rather be. The moms say they hope "Strollerfit" will help their children develop a lifelong exercise habit.

Special membership deals are being offered later this month as part of "Strollerfit"s one year anniversary. To find out more, go to www.strollerfit.com/bowlinggreen.