Oakland Receives Math Grant

An area school is counting in the thousands after it receives a math grant from the Kentucky Department of Education.

Oakland Elementary received the $70,000 grant to hire a math intervention teacher.

Brooke Knight says her job is to identifying how a child learns.

"If you look at statistics you will find that most students if they are falling behind in mathematics in their primary years, they fall behind all the way through high school and for a lot of those students can't take mathematics through college and for things that they need in their everyday life."

After looking at various assessments, Oakland's principal says there were achievement gaps.

Now 22 students will participate in a Math Intervention Program in addition to their regular math classes to help them get caught up.

"We are trying to create a program that will take them from being one grade below in math to on level with their peers," Knight said.

"We have to catch these students early and catch them often, and give them the individualized attention so that they can understand and learn the basic principles of mathematics," said Mike Taylor, Oakland principal.

In the program the students are put in small groups of four or five so they'll have more individual attention from Knight.

The students will then focus on how they learn. "We don't all learn the same and we want to be able to allow the children to use their own creativity and their own ways to learn and to use their knowledge in daily lives," Knight said.

Oakland Elementary is one of 45 schools state-wide to receive the grant and the only one in Warren County.

Clinton, Hart, Logan, Monroe, and Russell Counties also received a grant.

Here is the Kentucky Department of Education's 2005 statistics on how students across the state scored on the math portion of the CATS testing, which is compared to previous years.

For a look at the other schools that received the grant you can log onto href=http://www.education.ky.gov/NR/rdonlyres/e5zx7nx5ahofmqewhez2s3z5cqhwna77vkncdnlncph3vpvxiworszhubj7doerlj6j6um3n7lpfmgebspoikxhikpd/PostingAwards.pdf> http://www.education.ky.gov/NR/rdonlyres/e5zx7nx5ahofmqewhez2s3z5cqhwna77vkncdnlncph3vpvxiworszhubj7doerlj6j6um3n7lpfmgebspoikxhikpd/PostingAwards.pdf