Police Urge Parents to be on the Lookout for a Suspicious Van

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Warren County detectives were called to Shetland Way early Thursday morning after a parent reported seeing a green van that matched the description of a vehicle linked to a recent attempted child abduction.

Police later confirmed the van belonged to someone who lived in the neighborhood and it was not the suspicious vehicle they've been trying to track down.

In June, authorities say two men in an older model green van approached children playing in a neighborhood in the Plano area and asked them to help find a lost dog.

Then last month, a young girl reported seeing two males in a green van parked across the street from her home watching her mow the lawn.

There have been other complaints about the van and police are urging parents to be on high alert. They encourage everyone to keep a watchful eye on their children, especially now that school is back in session.

The vehicle is described as an early 90's model green van, either a Chevy Astro or a Pontiac Transport.

Anyone with information should call police at (270) 842-1633 or (270) 781-CLUE.