Asbestos from Alvaton Elementary

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Roughly 20,000 square feet of asbestos was found in the Fred Madison Landfill in northern Warren County.

When demolition crews demolished the old Alvaton Elementary school they discovered asbestos in the rafters.

Asbestos was a substance used in many older buildings to protect them from heat and corrosion. We now know that the inhalation of asbestos fibers can cause serious diseases of the lungs and other organs; therefore, It is illegal for asbestos to be in the Fred Madison dumpsite in northern Warren County.

Warren County superintenent Dale Brown says that when asbestos was found in Alvaton he took the proper steps to insure public safety.

"The school board had an agreement including proper disposal of all material with Bluegrass Environmental (located in Hopkinsville)", Brown said.

Brad Deason with Bluegrass Environmental says they hired Scott Waste Management to haul the debris away.

"Bluegrass Environmental is not responsible for the dumping of the waste", Deason said. "We followed all EPA regulations on the handling of this material."

WBKO has been unable to reach a representative from Scott Waste Management for comment.

The EPA must now sort through the mess to see exactly who is responsible. A division of the EPA that tests air quality did test the site on Tuesday and says that the asbestos is not an immediate health risk at the time. The EPA says they will continue to investigate this situation and how the material got to the site.