Baker Boys Closing

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The Baker Boys Bar & Grill that sits on the corner of College and 13th is a well-known place for college students and faculty members to come together.

What many of these patrons don't realize it that this little bar originally started out as a grocery store many years ago.

"It’s since evolved from a grocery store into a pet crematorium, cafes of various kinds through the years,” says former Baker Street Cafe owner, Alan Baker.

Alan Baker has seen this building as many different types of shops. The shop he remembers most fondly was his own. He opened a bar and cafe in the early 90s and called it the Baker Street Cafe.

"It's a play off our last name, and my son and some of his colleagues suggested we might call it Baker Street and pattern it after Sherlock Holmes. The rest is elementary,” says Baker.

Baker says over the years, various artists got their start at this small pub. Those currently affiliated with the bar have also heard this.

"What I've been told is there have been a lot of bands that have come through this place and played who have made it a career,” says Baker Boys bartender Michael Oxley.

Four years later in 1996, Baker sold the popular cafe to the Baker Brothers, out of St. Louis. The "Baker" name just seemed to stick, and to students and faculty the fun times didn't end.

"It's still that way to this day. This is the place where you hang out with your friends and get to know people better,” says Oxley.

It's a building filled with countless memories for many who have passed through it's door, and to some it even meant a little more.

"It's a home for most people down here. They like to sit down here with their friends when they aren't trying to have a wild night,” says Oxley.

Baker still agrees.

"It's just a neat old place,” says Baker.

Spence Property Management owns the apartment complex next to Baker Boys and has purchased the bar along with a house and another property behind it to update that corner of College Street.

They say they don't plan on tearing the building down and they hope to turn it into a cafe or coffee shop.