Local Reaction to "World Trade Center" Movie

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"It was real emotional; and it really put into perspective how people should be, the way to help others and stuff like that."

"Very touching, very real. It makes everything more perspective."

"It was well-written. It was really sad. It made you feel like you had lived it or been there with them."

The controversial Paramount Pictures film follows the two first responders on September 11th, as they try to save those stuck in the rubble of the towers, but then find themselves trapped in the destruction.

Several moviegoers in Bowling Green say Paramount’s portrayal of 9/11 held true to the real events of that fateful day.

"I think it was. I hope it was. It looked like it was. I don't see people taking their integrity so off to make a movie like that to misconceive everybody," said movie-goer Daniel Collins.

"It was right on it. I thought I was re-living it all over again,” Shannon Denning said in light of the thwarted airport terrorist attacks on Thursday, she thinks a similar tragedy might not be far away.

"It’s a scary thought. It’s really sad that we have had to live through something like that. I think this world needs to be cautious. Cause I believe it could happen again."

According to box office figures, "World Trade Center" took in 19 million dollars in its opening weekend to earn a third place finish