Preventing Roadside Crime

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Having to make an emergency stop on the side of the road can be a potentially life threatening decision. A report last week of a woman allegedly being raped after changing her tire on Interstate-65 shows that injuries from being struck by another vehicle are not the only dangers.

Trooper Laura Isenberg with the Kentucky State Police says the best way to prevent a road side crime from occurring is be prepared before you ever put your car in drive. Isenberg says it's important to make sure your car has been properly maintained. She says its important to be cautious when someone else stops and offers their assistance.

"This goes back to when you were small and your parents told you not to talk to strangers, you just have no way of predicting what somebody's intention is when they ask you if you need assistance."

Before you leave you should always inform friends and family of where your destination is and how long it will take you to get there. If you have to stop in an emergency always remember to call the police.

Leyda Becker, Director of Community Education for Hope Harbor says it's important to know that you can possibly be a target for an assault or a rape.

"Because perpetrators and attackers are looking for individuals, that are vulnerable, who's not really thinking about it. Most of us think, it's never going to happen to me."

Isenberg also says it's a good idea to carry an emergency equipment kit and cell phone with you when you travel. The kit needs to have a first aid kit, water if it's really hot outside and blankets if it's really cold, any medications those in the car may need, and a flashlight.

It’s also important to know that you should never get into someone else's car if they offer to stop and help.