Saint Joseph Gets Face Lift

Saint Joseph Catholic Church was established in 1859 making it 150 years old in 2007. Its history grows deep in Bowling Green's roots as one of its first Catholic churches. Reverend Joseph DeVries came to Kentucky to organize a parish to build in Bowling Green in 1853.

He was the first Priest of Saint Joseph and was buried near the altar where his tomb remains to this day.

Under the two-phase renovation project, Saint Joseph's air conditioning and electric lines were under construction. But, perhaps, the most important part of the renovation is still in the works.

Imported from Germany, its hand-carved altars reflect the European Gothic Revival style of the church itself. The altars will be re-painted to give the church a fresh look, but won't change the aesthetics.

Many parishioners describe the aura of mass as "spiritual" because of the hand-painted ceiling, Gothic architecture and altars of the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph.

Deacon Bob Imel says they church hasn't chosen a painter to re-do the cathedral ceiling yet, but assures parishioners he or she will re-paint the ceilings as depicted in old pictures of Saint Joseph. Deacon Bob says to capture the history and sense of spirit for its parishioners is very important for families who have baptized, married and buried their loved ones in Saint Joe's for generations.