JARC Transportation Grant

Congressman Ron Lewis was in town today at an announcement of a new program that will help low-income residents get to and from work.

The Job Access and Reverse Commute Transportation Grant will provide free rides to low-income residents who lack transportation to and from work.

"They're making minimum wage, they don't have the means to buy a car or if they do have the means it's a car that's not always reliable", said Katie Miller with the Housing Authority.

In the program, Adaptive Enterprise will provide transportation to those who live in Franklin, Russellville, Horse Cave, and Scottsville in Kentucky. It will also provide rides to and from Springfield and Portland, TN.

Community Action will have a new early morning bus service and Royal Coach/Yellow Cab will provide emergency rides to those whose cars break down either to or from work.

"Sometimes we take for granted having the transportation that we have to get to and from work and a lot of people don't have that", said Miller.

The $297,000 grant is for two years.

The program will begin on September 5th. For more information you can call Katie Miller at (270) 843-6071 ext. 133.

To see a list of hours and companies providing transportation click here.