Politics and Gas Prices?

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A Democratic congressional candidate offered gasoline for a dollar and 20 cents a gallon.

As gas prices continue to fluctuate near three dollars, State Representative Mike Weaver made his offer for only a half an hour, but his opponent Ron Lewis says this was just a stunt.

The gasoline was on sale at a Radcliff filling station in an effort to tie Republican Congressman Ron Lewis to high gasoline prices. The gasoline was paid for by a campaign donor.

Representative Mike Weaver said, "There's over 125 cars in line for ten gallons of gas which brings home the fact that high gas prices are having a dramatic, negative effect on working men and women.

Congressman Ron Lewis issued a statement today saying, "Mike Weaver has resorted to pure grade school politics."

He continued to say he will work hard in congress to provide solutions to high gas prices.

"We know all about that which I think is a stunt. The reality of it is since 1994 since I was elected. I've voted over and over and over again for drilling in Anwar; I've voted to explore and drill off the continental divide."

The weaver campaign also says the event should absolutely not be considered a form of vote buying.

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