City To Extend Road To Alleviate Traffic

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The closing of Navajo Road several months ago kept lots of traffic from driving through Shawnee Estates subdivision.

However, its left other neighbors in a traffic bind.

"It caused some problems for people on the other side of that community. People who only had one way to Nashville Road and no access to Campbell Lane," said Bowling Green Mayor Elaine Walker.

Those living at Western Place, Campus Pointe or Lorie Apartments would have to get onto Nashville Road just to get to Campbell Lane which caused excess traffic on this road.

Recently, the city has been working with a local business man who wanted to lengthen fields way near Kroger's to put a business.

At Tuesday night's City Commission meeting the city approved the two-phase plan to help lessen the traffic woes and give residents another access point.

Phase one is a 500-foot expansion of Fields Drive that will go from Bakersfield Way toward Campus Pointe Apartments.

"Phase two picks up where phase one leaves off. Its another 1500 feet of road that'll tie in with Navajo and Patton."

Once completed this will form a loop between Campbell Lane and Nashville Road.

City engineer Jeff Lashlee says depending on how successful this road turns out to be, Navajo could reopen one day without traffic issues.

"What we can do with this project is once this road is completed and see how traffic patterns go, we can reassess the traffic. We can see what the impacts are positive or negative to the Shawnee subdivision."

Lashlee says the city is also aggressively conducting studies on traffic in that area to find other ways to help improve traffic.

He also says the project will be up for bid for construction companies in spring of next year and should be completed by the end of the summer next year.

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