Economic Crisis Hits Home for Area Family

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It's easy to become stressed during the holidays, but when a family member loses their job it can be even more overwhelming.

"It definitely makes you worried. I've been a stay at home mom for seven years and immediately I had to get back to work-- I had to help," stated Julie Honshell.

"You finally have the pinnacle of where you want to be in life and you think you have some stability and "bam" it all seems to crash on you," said her husband Josh Honshell.

It's a tough holiday season for the Honshell family.

"It's tough to get up everyday and wonder when I'm going to go back to work-- when is this country going to turn itself around," stated Josh.

He's one of the many who've been laid off from the GM Corvette Plant in Bowling Green.

And with two young children it can be even more stressful.

"You just hope that your children will have a good Christmas and they don't wake up sad on Christmas morning," said Julie.

But according to Doctor Dwight Sutton, there are ways to get through.

"Just try to be realistic in your spending and don't spend money you don't have, you'll find in the long run that you'll be happier," Dr. Sutton added.

Despite it all, the Honshell's aren't going to let stressful times ruin their holiday.

"You can deal with stress a number of ways. If you choose to deal with it in a negative way, you're going to get a negative result," said Josh.

After all for this family of four it's all about being just that -- a family.

"My kids are great. They don't ask for a lot and Christmas is not about the gifts anyway, it's abut being a family and being together and spending quality time with each other," said added Josh.

While talking with the Honshell's they said one thing that really struck me.
They said even though things are tough for their family, they think about the troops in Afghanistan and the obstacles that they face day in and day out-- and they are thankful for what they have.

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