Beech Bend Battle

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The Court of Appeals rendered an opinion this morning in the long time legal battle between Beech Bend Raceway Owner, Dallas Jones and land owner Matt Baker. Baker claims the disputed portion of the road is a private drive and cannot be used for Beech Bend functions such as races, while Jones says the road is a county road and always has been a county road.

According to an opinion written by the court today, the disputed 726 feet of road does belong to the county. The court reversed an earlier decision by the Logan County Circuit Court, which ruled that a road map adopted by Warren County in 1993 left off the portion of road thus making it a private drive.

Jones says he's pleased with today's ruling and believes this is the end of the dispute, while Baker says he will appeal the ruling to the state Supreme Court.

"Well I think it will be. All the judges agreed 100 percent it was a county road and it's been a county road since way back in the early 1900s. Has been well established and well researched. I think this is the end of it."

"I've always thought, whoever was the aggrieved part in the court of appeals would likely try to visit this case in the Kentucky Supreme Court."

The Court of Appeals ruled the road cannot change from a county road to a private drive unless there are apparent signs of it being abandoned or an ordinance is passed enacting the change.

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