Nationwide Drunk Driving Campaign

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Impaired driving is one of our country's most often committed and deadliest crimes.

Last year in Kentucky there were 204 deaths related to alcohol related crashes, and nationwide nearly 17,000 people died.

That's why officers nationwide are kicking off a campaign called "Drunk Driving over the Limit/Under Arrest" until Labor Day.

"We're gonna be utilizing alot of road checks, and wolfpacking, which is where we'll go to a concentrated area where we've had known prior intoxicated wrecks", says Kentucky State Police Trooper Cory Buckner.

Officers will be conducting road checks and safety points looking for any violations of the law, including failure to wear seatbelts, no operator's license, and no insurance, but primarily for D.U.I.'s.

"Last year were were actually up on our fatalities involving alcohol as a factor so mobilization periods like this help us get out there and enforce the law more and help find and detect drunk drivers", says Buckner.

With nearly a million and a half arrests made in the United States every year for drunk driving, which is around one out of every 250 people, officers are hoping to put the breaks on this nationwide problem.

"So, make sure everything on your vehicle is enforced, your license, your insurance, and if you're gonna drink have a designated driver", says Buckner.

Otherwise, officers say there's a good chance if you don't and you are driving drunk you will be caught.

The campaign is sponsored by the National Highway Safety Administration and will run until Labor Day.