Kentucky's Aging Population

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The Commonwealth has started the "Kentucky Elder Readiness Initiative" to see just how the aging population will impact communities all over the state. According to Mark Birdwhistell, Secretary of the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, the state's baby boomer population is not just getting older, but there are quickly becoming more of them.

"Kentucky's elderly population is growing at a faster rate then other states. Right now we rank 28Th in the U.S. in the number of individuals over 60, by the year 2025 we will rank 12th."

Is South Central Kentucky prepared for the baby boomers? Hollie Sands, one of the students involved in the study, says there's a lot of things being done right, but some changes still need to be made.

"Based upon our talks this afternoon I don't think necessarily we are. I believe there are a lot of things that are lacking as far as transportation is concerned."

Transportation is one of the areas that will be evaluated during the initiative. Other areas include housing and services offered in the community. Sands says this study is important for the state because right now a lot of responsibility falls on the shoulders of the state's younger population.

She says there is a gap that needs to be filled between the old and the young as the state's baby boomers have more needs.

"Our younger generation has actually created a gap between the two and we're trying to bridge that connection between the generations because their’s so much you can learn between both groups."