Master Plan Kicks Off for Freshman

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"Well is was just excited to get to college and I figured I'd just come a week early and get to move in and I get to meet new people for the new school year coming up."

Druor is not alone.

Nearly 1900 college freshman descended upon the Hill today to participate in Master Plan, a week-long freshman orientation that debuted in 1993 on Western's campus.

Close to seven hundred students attended the inaugural Master Plan but now that number is almost triple due to the school's enrollment growth and the opportunities it gives incoming freshman to adapt to college life.

"Master Plan students attend a variety of sessions where we talk to them about residence hall and university policy and procedure. We take them on a campus tour. We talk to them about the different situations they may find themselves in being a new student at Western", says Master Plan Coordinator, Tara Redmond.

What makes this program even more unique is the fact that Western upperclassmen work heavily with these freshman.

Master Plan worker and Western senior John Smith says this gives them a chance to provide help to frazzled freshman.

"I think its a lot of mixed emotions. A lot of them its their first time away from home and that's what this week is about, transition. We're here to help them. We've all experienced it and what we can do is say "Hey we've been there and we're gonna help you the best way we know how."

Although after this week Druor will begin his regular routine of classes and homework, he's already decided what he wants to concentrate on during Master Plan.

Mostly just the fellowship with everybody because they'll have a lot of fun activities for us to do.