City Council/EPB Feud Erupts in Russellville

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An argument over municipal authority may result in a lawsuit after representatives from the Russellville City Council and the city's Electric Plant Board could not reach an agreement at Tuesday night's city council meeting.

Fred Greene, counsel for the EPB came to present the Board's response to an ordinance passed by the city council two weeks ago which calls for term limits on board members, cancellation of the board's current health insurance plan, and adoption of a new travel policy. Council members had raised concerns in previous meetings over what they considered excessive business travel by board members.

Greene said current Kentucky law only allows the city council to approve of nominees to the Board, and review an annual audit of the Board. He believes any other control the city council tries to exert would be going against the law, and told the Council they would have to sue in order to enforce the new ordinance.

The City Council's attorney said he believes that there is a strong possibility the matter will end up in court.