Goodrum and Soules Back in Court

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The two men suspected of murdering Katie Autry were back in court Monday as lawyers for both Lucas Goodrum and Stephen Soules asked to protect the crime scene and their clients.

Citing the Kentucky and U.S. Constitution, Lucas Goodrum's attorney David Broderick asked Judge John Minton to bar law enforcement personnel, the prosecution and jail employees from discussing the case with his client without proper representation. Stephen Soules' attorney Zack Kafoglis also filed similar motions June 6, as did Broderick.

Broderick stated that the proper authorities have failed to notify him several times before having contact with Goodrum. Judge Minton failed to include cellmates in the ban. At a preliminary hearing last month, a WKU Police officer testified Goodrum's cellmate said Goodrum admitted to burning WKU Freshman Katie Autry May 4.

In addition, a separate motion was also filed. The motion ensures the security of the crime scene in Hugh Poland Hall on the campus of Western Kentucky University. It also allows both attorneys to personally inspect the room.

Both Goodrum and Soules remain in the Warren County Regional Jail without bond. Neither Soules nor Goodrum have been indicted by a grand jury, the Commonwealth has until July 21 to do so.