Franklin Bank Robbery Suspects Released

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Two men indicted for armed robbery have been released to home incarceration at their homes in Tennessee. Larry Parrish of Antioch, TN and Samuel Taylor of Lavergne, TN were arrested on June 2 after police say they held a gun to an employee's head at the Franklin South Central Bank location, and stole $195,000. According to police and the FBI, the men then ditched their original getaway car in rural Simpson County and set it on fire.

Law enforcement engaged the men in a high-speed pursuit, finally cornering them in downtown Adairville, where police found a gun and ski mask, along with the money in their car.

Bank officials and employees are outraged by Judge Robert Gobel's decision, and say they believe such a crime should merit detention until a trial. The two men will remain at home until their trial.

Judge Gobel's office refused comment on the case and his decision.