State Fair: Locally Crafted Baskets

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"These are oak baskets. We're selling these. They are made in Bowling Green."

This is the first year Ron Alsup has sold these hand crafted baskets at the State Fair. He says so far they have been a hit.

"We have a solid sheet of red oak. We buy all our wood from Tompkinsville. We cut the shape out in one continuous cut. It's all done by hand on a bandsaw."

Each layer is tilted just a little so it picks up the next. Alsup says the original concept started in the pioneer era.

"You have a hot plate holder, you also have a cutting board, easy storable bowl and your basket."

After it is made the basket is treated in vegetable oil which makes them food compatible. No stains or varnishes are used on the wood.

The baskets come in the shape of Christmas trees, hearts, pentagons, octagons, shamrocks, apples, ovals, and the most popular is the lotus. Prices range from $19.95 to $69.95 depending on the size. Alsup says most people who purchase the baskets buy them as gifts. He says they normally sell the baskets at the mall around the holidays, so he was surprised to see business at the State Fair booming.

"It's going phenomenal. Everybody loves the work. Everybody appreciates made in Kentucky. We've been having a great showing."

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