WKU Parking Problems?

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Jennifer Tougas, WKU's Director of Parking and Transportation says nearly 10,000 parking passes will be sold this school year.

Put that up against only 8,000 parking spots on the main campus and that could create hard times for students trying to find a place to park.

However, Western president Dr.Gary Ransdell says the parking discomfort is only temporary.

"Parking's always an issue, especially the first few weeks of school when everybody feels like they've got to have a car and they realize they really don't on this campus cause its pretty easy to get along without one. So that settles out after a week or two. That doesn't mean that every student will be able to park right next to the building where they have class."

Tougas agrees.

"The parking is worse during the first three months of the academic year. September through October, November and then for the rest of the year its really pretty good."

However, the university has taken steps over the years to alleviate the parking problems such as building a second parking structure for commuters and finding extra parking space near campus.

Tougas says the school is working with city transportation officials as well as their own campus shuttle service to help students get to class and around town without losing a parking spot.

"Anything that we can do to reduce the need for somebody to bring their own car to campus. That's the direction we're taking the program."

For more information go to http://www.wku.edu/transportation/