Remembering Hurricane Katrina

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At "Bread and Bagel" in Bowling Green, an entire wall is devoted to Kaleidoscope's trip to New Orleans.

Kaleidoscope is a Bowling Green youth group that decided to help victims in The Gulf nearly a year after the devastating hurricane hit.

Upon their return, they wanted to share what they experienced with the community.

"It showed what these children felt about their experience, how devastating it was for not only a whole family, imagine an entire community."

Kimberly Malone-Weiskircher and her husband, JD, own Bread and Bagel. They felt Bowling Green needed a place to showcase youth talents. With the anniversary of Katrina, this was the perfect way.

"The Katrina exhibit was paramount. It needed to happen."

One of the 25 youth that went on the trip, Shaniquah Allen, says seeing the exhibit brings back happy and sad memories. She says she got really attached to one family in New Orleans who lost everything. But, Kaleidoscope proved to be a helpful program for Shaniquah as she helped clean up the damage from the largest hurricane in U.S. history.
For more information on Kaleidoscope please call 270-846-2232.