Targeting Your Hometown: Priceville

Targeting Your Hometown
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This week our dart landed in Hart County, near the community of Priceville.

Priceville has a population of a little over 100 residents and is celebrating its 200th anniversary. While visiting, our crews met a man who'd feel right at home living back in the 19th Century.

Jim Lively's family has called Priceville home for five generations. In his spare time, Jim practices a profession once well known in centuries past. As a blacksmith, Lively manufactures a variety of items including pokers, pot racks, skillet and candle holders, as well as a long list of conversation-pieces.

Jim's love for history and the great outdoors often times take him out West. During selected months, you're likely to find him giving tours or working with outfitters in Montana. Though well traveled, Lively admits he can't put a price on living in Priceville, a place he and his family have called home for generations.

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