Children First: Wee Care Center

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For many parents taking care of the kids, cleaning, cooking, and working can be quite a few jobs to juggle. Especially when some of those parents have a low income, are single, or may have experienced abuse or neglect in the past. One-day care center aims to help parents handle those problems.

Wee Care is a non-for-profit organization run by the Family Enrichment Center with the help of United Way. The center aims to help families with child care who qualify. In addition to the childcare parents are encouraged to take advantage of parenting classes and support groups. The classes along with the day care hope to help parents develop strong families and making childcare a little easier to find.

Currently the Wee Care Nursery has eight openings for children up to five years old. Directors say sometimes care can be as low as $55 per week for families who qualify and families may also receive a sibling discount of fifty percent.

If you would like to find out if you qualify call:

(270) 781-6714
(270) 781-7031