WKU's Cherry Hall To Re-Open

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"An I-TV lab was totally destroyed and several faculty's offices around 11 faculty's offices suffered heavy soot damage. It was like walking into a coal mine."

The fires were the result of arsonists setting multiple fires to the inside of the building.

Two juveniles were arrested several weeks later and charged with second degree arson and second degree complicity.

Dean of the Potter College of Arts and Letters says that criminal act served as a wake-up call to the university.

"I think we all had a lesson in how vulnerable we can be and I think we're all gonna be a little more careful."

In the wake of the arson, Western has changed the locks to all the academic buildings.

Over the summer, security consultants were brought to campus to make recommendations on how to make Western a more secure campus.

After months of work by facilities management and over a million dollars in repairs, Cherry is ready to re-open.

The interactive television lab is also close to being ready to go.

"The I-TV room is gonna be put back exactly the way it was. It won't quite be ready for classes on Monday but we've made other arrangements for those classes."

Lee says its important the school re-open the building because of its significance.

"More students have classes here than any place else and folks care, folks really care about Cherry Hall."