Lexington Plane Crash Claims 49

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All over the Bluegrass, Kentuckians are waking up to the end of day one and beginning of day two in what is being called one of the worst air disasters in the history of the state. Twenty four hours after the deadly crash of Comair Flight 5191 the clean up continues and alot of questions remain unanswered.

Debbie Hersmen with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) did confirm at a press conference Sunday afternoon that flight 5191 took off from the wrong runway.

"The evidence we have from on scene, that we have collected and the information we have that is preliminary from the flight data recorder indicates this aircraft was lined up and took off from runway 26."

Runway 26, a runway half the length of runway 22, the runway the plane should have taken off from. 26 was not lit, and is only appropriate for general aviation, smaller private planes. Hersemen also confirmed that the plane did crash through the airports perimeter fence and came to a rest about a mile from the Bluegrass Regional Airport.

Hersmen says the crash sight is extensive and it will take sometime to complete the clean up process.

"As you all know the coroner's office is on the scene now, and that is our first priority."

Comair President, Don Bornhorst says this is a difficult time
for the airline and for himself, and his heart goes out to the families.

"We began establishing the family care center here in Lexington and began working through the process of identifying the passengers names, confirming the names on that list and also identifying the family members."

"I cannot tell you the emotional devastation this brings on an airline."

The planes flight recorders were recovered from the wreckage and taken to Washington DC for analysis.

Hersmen says there was approximately 35 minutes of good recordings.