Children First: Girl Scouts Camp

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Girl Scouts, where Girls Grow Strong. It's a motto and slogan the group uses to promote the organization and sell it's cookies. But Girl Scouts do more than sell cookies, with camping, canoeing, and archery, and that's just this week.

More than 150 girls are gathering at Warren County's Girl Scout camp. Girls are participating in archery, camping, canoeing, arts and crafts, and learning activities. The camp goes on throughout this entire week. Since the beginning of Girl Scouts 80 years ago, membership is at the highest ever with more than twenty two thousand girls currently enrolled.

Since the number of girls wanting to be Girl Scouts is the highest ever there is currently a shortage of volunteers to lead the troops. In fact right now around four hundred girls are on a waiting list in Warren County alone. If you would like to volunteer you can call (270) 842-8138.