Beech Bend Race Will Go On

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An NHRA drag race that had been in jeopardy will go on as planned, according to race promoters.

The NHRA Hot Rod Reunion race is scheduled for June 20 at the Beech Bend Raceway, but park officials were worried that a lack of access to a disputed roadway would force race officials to move the race, and its 25,000 out-of-town fans, to another location.

As NewsCenter 13 reported Monday, the Warren County Attorney's office ruled in a letter sent out on Friday that Riverview Road is a private drive, and not public property. This ruling prevents Beech Bend officials from using the road as access for tractor-trailers to the raceway.

However, owners of the property on either side of the road said they would be glad to grant a 30-day extension which will allow the park to use the road through race weekend.