IRS Warns About a New Scam

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The IRS is warning people of a new scam. The scam targets potential recipients of the advanced child tax credit.

Last May the treasury department announced people who claimed the child tax credit on their 2002 tax returns would automatically receive an advance payment of the 2003 increase in this credit this summer.

The scam artists are calling people and promising to speed up the advance child tax credit payment for a charge of $39.99 billed to a credit card.

The IRS says there is no fast way to get your money. It's being mailed out on a schedule.

If your social security number ends in 34 to 66 your check will be mailed Aug. 1. If your social security number ends in 67 to 99 our check will be mailed out Aug. 8.

If you encounter this latest tax scam or suspect tax fraud of any kind call the IRS hotline at 1-800-829-0433.