Motion FIled in Murder Case Against a Bowling Green Man

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Another motion has been filed in the overturned murder conviction of a Bowling Green man.

Ten days ago Warren Circuit Judge John Minton overturned the guilty verdict of Riccardo Vettraino.

Vettraino had been convicted in 1996 of the murder of Julie Speakman and the attempted murder of her husband, John.

Judge Minton ruled Vettraino is entitled to a new trial because attorneys for both sides did not have access to all the evidence the State Police discovered.

Vettraino's attorney has now filed a motion requesting videotapes of all stories broadcasted since Judge Minton's ruling.

Vettraino was brought to Warren County Regional Jail for his new trial but was moved back to Green River Correctional Center, where he was serving a life sentence, when it was learned that Commonwealth Attorney Steve Wilson was appealing Judge Minton's decision.