Katrina Evacuee Recounts Tragedy That Led Her To Bowling Green

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Daenyael Sellier and her two children moved here with nothing a week after Katrina struck. They were living in Bay St. Louis, Miss., but now Bowling Green is there home. Sellier tells in her own words what this past year has been like.

"What I found looked like a snowglobe. The water had come in and someone shook my apartment up. Then the water went back out, and everything just laid wherever it wanted to lay," Sellier said.

"My refrigerator was in my living room. It was muddy. There was just mud everywhere, and everything was torn apart."

"I stayed with a friend who lived up farther north of where the storm hit. We had no electricity. We were out in a camper trailer taking baths in a swimming pool."

"I took a bus from Mobile, Ala., here to Bowling Green".

"The main agency that has helped us the most was the Housing Authority. What they did for us was unbelievable.They gave us a home and not just anything, I have a three bedroom apartment. They furnished the whole apartment."

"It's (Katrina anniversary) not something to celebrate - no way shape and form. Al my family and friends are in Mississippi. I am here all by myself. This is not an anniversary to me."

Sellier said she's torn between her love for Mississippi and the opportunities her family has in Bowling Green. She says it s been emotional remembering the horrific events from one year ago today.