Police Investigating Ohio County Hate Crime

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State police are investigating a possible hate crime in Ohio County.

The threats are against a couple who moved from New York to Ohio County to protect their children from gang activity and violence.

Now, Carl Callaway says he and his family are facing different problems.

Carl Callaway says the problems first began late Friday night Aug. 25, 2006.

Callaway says he was disturbed in his home when some adult men were in his yard being disruptive.

On that following Monday, Callaway received a threatening letter on his vehicle and two days later on Wednesday morning, the letters ‘KKK’ were spray-painted on his home.

Callaway's kids were the first ones to see the writing as they headed off to school on Wednesday morning.

"I stepped outside and saw it all along the house. I thought they must be very brave to come to a man's house and do this. They must really hate me because I’m black or whatever, but that's not right", Callaway said.

Callaway's mother, Penelope Taylor, was in visiting from Buffalo, New York when the incident happened.

She says this hate crime was also a shock to her.

"It's always been a good place to raise your children. The neighbors and the people are friendly, but you always have a few. This is the first time something like this has ever happened", Taylor said.

"I was more in shock because my youngest daughter didn't really understand. She doesn't know anything about that because we don't teach them things like that", Callaway said.

Callaway works at Ohio County High School, but doesn't feel it was one of the kids at the school.

He says he gets along with everyone there and the students have all shown their support to him during this hard time.

He just hopes this is the last type of hate crime he sees in Ohio County.

"Nobody, no matter what race, should go through a hate crime and the person that commits the hate crime should know the consequences that follow. This is my county. I wasn't born here, but this is my home and this is where I’m gonna’ stay. Nobody's gonna’ run me off, now or never. I leave on my own terms", Callaway said.

Employees at Ohio County High School stopped by the Callaway's home on Wednesday to help clean up the writing on the home.

The Calloway's say they appreciate everyone who has been so supportive in this hard time.

The Kentucky State Police are now working to retrieve fingerprints from the letter.