Hometown Hero - Doris Brindley

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Parker-Brindley Hair Consultants isn't your typical hair salon.

For thirteen years now, Doris Brindley has opened her heart and soul to cancer patients and countless others who've lost their hair.

But for Doris, a hair-do for these clients is much more than style, it's a sense of hope.

Doris and Rick Parker have worked alongside each other for fifteen years now. Rick says Doris is someone these patients can really trust.

Rick said she is so considerate that she's gone extra miles to accommodate difficult situations - from going to hospitals, people's homes, working long evening hours and in some cases not charging.

Rick said Doris makes the entire experience more comfortable for her clients from taking the time to know their history to doing services behind closed doors.

Doris said every client that walks through the door is a gift because the confident smiles on their faces when they walk out the door is priceless.

Doris saidshe didn't think twice about learning how to care for cancer patients she says its something she feels called to do.