Local Hospital Introduces Filmless Radiology

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X-Rays have now entered the digital realm. The Medical Center in Bowling Green recently announced a $2.5 million piece of technology which enables doctors to view X-Rays almost instantly without waiting fir expensive and timely film development.

Physicians will soon be able view those images in the ER, private practices or even at home via the Internet. Hospital spokesmen say the system, named PACS or Picture Archival Communications System, will cut down on cost, excess paperwork and will aid in patient care.

The medical breakthrough allows radiologists to manipulate images, creating different views. The radiologists can zoom in on a particular spot, darken or lighten the image and minimize the necessity to repeat an exam.

The Medical Center in investing approximately $2.5 million in the PACS system, which officials say will further enhance the new 21,500 square-foot ER scheduled to open in September.