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It's not always easy to get the men in your life to the doctor for regular check-ups, but it is important.

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men and the second leading cause of death in American men. Saturday hundreds came out to the Men’s Health Alliance program in Greenwood Mall. Health professionals were on hand to talk about the prevention and treatment of Prostate Cancer and Testicular Cancer.

And some participants took part in a blood screening for Prostate Cancer. Screenings are recommended for men over the age of 50. If you missed the Men’s Health Alliance Program then you can call (270) 745-0942 to schedule a screening or 1-877-800-3824 for more information.

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Who is at Risk for Prostate Cancer?

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in North American men after skin cancer. It is the second leading cause of cancer death in men after lung cancer.

Both the number of new cases of prostate cancer and the number of deaths due to prostate cancer have increased in the past decade.

Anything that increases a person's chance of developing a disease is called a risk factor. Some of these risk factors for prostate cancer are:

    Age - Prostate cancer is rarely seen in men younger than 50-years-old. The chance of developing prostate cancer increases as men get older.

    Race - Black males are more likely to develop prostate cancer than white males. Black males are also more likely to die of prostate cancer than white males.

    Family History of Prostate Cancer - A man whose father, brother, or son has had prostate cancer has a higher-than-average risk of developing prostate cancer.

Other potential risk factors include alcohol consumption, vitamin or mineral interactions, and other dietary habits.

Source: (National Cancer Institute) contributed to this report.