ATV Tournament Expected To Make Huge Economic Impact

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Amy Cardwell, with the Bowling Green Convention and Tourism Center, says: "It's phenomenal and it's very exciting."

This is the final stop on the ATV National Motocross Series. That means big buck for Bowling Green and Warren County.

Cardwell says: "Yamaha, Suzuki it's not just the 700-900 riders. It's all the spectators that come. All the families. The vendors that come in they are eating at our restaurants, shopping in our stores."

She says they expect the riders to spend about a hundred dollars a day for the course of the weekend.

Cardwell says: "So that's upwards of $2 million dollars economic impact for the city just by having this great facility here."

This is the first year the tournament will take place in Bowling Green.

Cardwell says: "It's just getting started off the ground. And then hopefully everybody will think of Bowling Green when they think of ATV racing."

If you've never seen an ATV competition, this will be the best riders in the country showing off their skills in hopes of winning it all but that's not all you can see and do.

Cardwell says: "Chaney's Dairy Barn is going to be out there Sunday. They have barbecue all weekend long. There are all kinds of events for families to come out and see and do. There's all kinds of neat things. So even if you've never seen a race before, go out there and see it because it will be a great thing to do for the weekend."

Each year cities have to bid for the ATV national motocross series to come there. Cardwell says they hope to win the bid again next year.And she says the Ballance family, who owns the track, hopes to expand it soon.

Want to join in on the action? Check out gate admission fees for this weekend's events, and the Bill Ballance Moto X Track schedule.