Ron Lewis vs. Mike Weaver

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"Labor Day is usually the time when campaigns really begin to heat up. My opponent and I have already had some spirited exchanges."

Congressman Ron Lewis isn't taking lightly what he says are personal attacks against his military service and his wife's involvement in his campaign.

Holding an impromptu press conference in front of the Warren County court house Friday Lewis addressed the allegations and answered questions from reporters and the public.

Lewis said he would like to see his race with candidate Mike Weaver be one of high integrity.

"Let's make a case to the people of the second district why they should elect us based on what we stand for concerning the issues."

Weaver's daughter, who was in attendance at Friday, Sept. 1, 2006, afternoon's press conference says she didn't understand the congressman's allegations regarding his military service.

"I have never heard the Weaver campaign ever question Ron Lewis's military service, I don't think anyone legitimate associated with the campaign considers that an issue or has ever raised that question."

Lewis says he took his military physical in 1965 and was found to be medically unfit for military service. He claims he did everything he could to get into the military but in the end was unsuccessful.

When asked if he would publically debate Weaver, Lewis said he would consider an invitation.

"We are debating, debating right now every time we discuss something in the open forum we are."

Weaver and Lewis are running for Kentucky's Second
District in Congress. According to Weaver's campaign website he served 30 years in the US army.