Governor Bans Imported Pets

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The Center for Disease Control and Prevention still continues to keep an eye on five new suspected cases of Monkeypox in Western Kentucky. The five were put under isolation after one other person was suspected to have Kentucky's first case of the smallpox-like disease. Three of the individuals began experiencing symptoms after exposure to prairie dogs at a Paducah pet store.

Currently the CDC is investigating over 80 suspected cases nationwide. Officials say there's no evidence that the general public is at risk for Monkeypox.

In an attempt to prevent the spread of Monkeypox, Kentucky's governor issues an executive order. Governor Patton has banned the importation of rabbits, primates and rodents from other states. Mice, rats, gerbils, guinea pigs, even chinchillas are a few of the creatures affected by the ban. However, it doesn't appear the action will be detremental to supplies at area pet stores. Most South-Central Kentucky pet stores say they purchase such animals from Kentucky residents and vendors.

PETCO in Bowling Green says they receive some of their animals from a supplier in Georgia. The store was anticipating a shipment on Thursday, but no word on the status of the order. PETCO District Manager Debbie Lund says the news of the Monkeypox virus hasn't deminished business. Airing on the side of caution, PETCO which operates stores nationwide, has asked petowners not to bring those smaller mammals inside the store. Meanwhile dogs, cats and reptiles are still allowed to accompany their owner.