New State computer System on 9/11

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State officials and Representative Hal Rogers have marked the fifth anniversary of the September eleventh, 2001 attacks by rolling out a new statewide computer system.
The system will allow first responders to communicate from every corner of Kentucky in the event of a disaster.

Rogers who heads a House committee that oversees spending for the Department of Homeland Security. He says the 26 (m) million dollar system will help first responders, such as local police and firefighters, respond to emergencies efficiently while keeping the responders safe.

Rogers told those at a ceremony in Somerset today that officials saw that a breakdown in communication during nine-eleven was disastrous. Governor Fletcher and officials from the Justice and Public Safety Cabinets were also in attendance.

The new first responder system called "Kentucky Wins," relies on a state-run wireless network that allows officers to communicate via radio and instant messages from even the most remote areas in rural Kentucky.

A three-month pilot program has started in Pulaski and Laurel counties in south-central Kentucky, with the rest of the state expected to be logged on by the end of the year.